Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites

Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites

Who is this course suitable for ?

The course is suitable for people who have or wish to gain contracted work at nuclear new build sites. If you are looking at working on a nuclear new build you will need to have done this prior to your site induction.

Triple bar nuclear new build sites training course

The TBNNBS (Triple bar nuclear new build sites) training course comprises of 3 modules. Each module is in the form of a training video, there are question to be answered during the course of the videos. The whole training takes around half a day and provides the key knowledge needed to prepare for your site induction.

Basic Common Induction (BCI)

Module 1 is to give you an understanding of why nuclear power is different, the laws surrounding nuclear power, and to explain the security and emergency  arrangements whilst working on a nuclear construction site.

Learning outcomes:

Identify what makes nuclear power different to other forms of power generation.
Outline how the government deals with nuclear power
Outline the emergency arrangements on a nuclear site
Describe your role in the security arrangements that exist for working on a nuclear site

Basic Nuclear Industry Behaviors (BNIB)

Module 2 explains behaviour that will be expected from you when working on a nuclear construction site to make sure that the plant is built safely and accurately to its design.

Learning outcomes:

Explain the features of a strong safety culture.
State the actions required following an ‘event’ or ‘near-miss’
Recognise safe and unsafe ‘behaviours’ and ‘situations’
Explain some techniques for preventing errors in your work.
Explain why it is important to work in accordance with approved procedures.
Explain why work must only be carried out by appropriately trained, qualified and experienced workers.

Basic Nuclear Industry Context (BNIC)

Module 3 provides a basic understanding of the nuclear industry and will provide more information about how your work practices could affect the future safety of the nuclear plant.

Learning outcomes:

Explain the reasons behind the UK’s decision to build new nuclear power stations .
Outline the main improvements in the nuclear power industry the last 50 years
List the key events that brought about those changes
Explain what is meant by ‘latent error’

End of the training modules

At the end of the training modules you will be issued a certificate of achievement.

Taking the test.

After the training will be the Triple bar nuclear new build sites test. All tests will last for 30 minutes and they have 27 multiple-choice knowledge based questions

Test Results

You will be given written confirmation of whether you have passed or failed the test.

The score reports, regardless of the test result will also indicate areas of weakness where all questions in that subject were not answered correctly.

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Cancellations & Rescheduling

Your right to cancel

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A refund will be paid for all cancellations outside of the 72 hour notice period, but will incur a £20 administration fee.

A full refund will be paid for test cancellations outside the 72 hour notice period, which will not attract an administration fee.

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ASK’s right to cancel

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Reschedule Policy

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If you have already done the training we do offer just the test

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