Communications Installers Moved To ECS Cards

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The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is notifying the industry that the following occupations will be transferred to the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS):

  • Communications Installer
  • Communications Team Leader

These two occupations will now fall under the Datacomms suite of ECS cards, with a relevant Datacomms card being issued according to the individual’s qualification level.
During a review of CSCS’s communications occupations, it was highlighted that there were a number of overlaps with the ECS.
This has resulted in several workers requiring two separate cards. For example, someone carrying out Installation and Data Cabling work is required to hold a CSCS card for the installation and an ECS card for the cabling. This not only causes confusion for cardholders, their employers and site managers, but also adds unnecessary additional costs to the card payer.
Following discussions between the two schemes, it is agreed that the ECS are better placed to represent the Communications sector and that the Installer and Team Leader occupations should be transferred to sit within the ECS Datacomms cards.
From the 1st February 2017, all new applications for Communications Installer and Communications Team Leader should be directed to the ECS. Any new applications received by CSCS after 31st January will be redirected to the ECS scheme.
CSCS applications received before 31st January 2017 will receive a skilled card that is valid for five years. This card is non-renewable and the card holder will be required to transfer to the ECS when the card expires.
Please note: The CITB Health, Safety and Environment test is required to obtain a CSCS card but not accepted when applying for an ECS card. When applying for the ECS card applicants will need to pass the ECS Health and Safety test. Therefore, any CSCS card holders currently in the process of renewing their CSCS card are encouraged to do so before 31st January 2017.
From the 1st February, CSCS card renewals and new applicants for Communications Installer and Team Leader will be required to meet the health and safety requirements of ECS before applying for an ECS card.

Information courtesy of The official site for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme

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