Community Learning


Attain Skills & Knowledge currently engage with a number of business and community-based organisations, and a wide variety of other clients to meet their needs in life changes, welfare, work ready and vocational training. Since our business serves diverse populations, we are committed to forming long-lasting public and private partnerships in local communities so that we may serve our clients better.

Easy Access to Training in the Community

Our community training courses are a unique way to offer a work ready programe to those who feel excluded from the community or have difficulty in accessing education.

Realise Your True Potential

Our Adult Life Skill Learning Courses are made relevant to real life and working experiences. We don’t just want you to learn how to do something. We want to show you how to apply learning to the real world your potential employment market. We aim to remove barriers to your potential and empower you to achieve independence through employment and/or through education and training.

Breaking Down Barriers to Working

We do this by working with learners in their own root environment of a local community setting as a bridge between their current emloyablity situation and their further learning or work goals. This method has proven a very effective first stage interventions and individual development. By teaching clients in familiar surroundings, our service takes away those barriers to allow them to concentrate on developing new skills.

Creating Partnerships and Sharing Knowledge

In being a community led company we are helping individuals and other groups to maximize the sharing of base knowledge creating partnerships offering a conduit which they may not be able to achieve otherwise, if they are excluded from mainstream or benefit depended or economically inactive. We also complement the staff of organisations we work with, by offering courses to support internal and external clients.

Support Services

Here at ASK we provide support services in partnership to the following client and partnership sectors:

  • Substance Recovery
  • Ex Offenders
  • Economically Inactive
  • Lone Parents
  • Benefit Dependency
  • Non – Mainstream
  • Return to Work