Face Fit

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We can now offer you onsite or in-house training for Qualitative Fit testing.

There is a surprising number of people that wear masks that do not know the correct way to fit them.

With all Respiratory Protective Equipment, the most common problem is the fit of the mask to the wearers face and the care taken of the mask. Quantitative Fit Testing is a very effective, and importantly, measurable way of ensuring that the user has a mask that will give him/her adequate levels of protection.

Respirators are available in different designs and sizes. They come both valved or unvalved – both options give a high level of protection when worn correctly.

Why Fit testing is important:

  • Fit testing is a means of assessing how well a respirator seals to your face
  • It has to be an individual test because one model does not fit all
  • If the mask is not fitted correctly it may fail
  • If you mask doesn’t fit, it may just be that you are not putting it on correctly. Wearers of the mask’s must be clean shavento get a good fit
If you are interested in registering for a course, please feel free to contact us on 01709 880 886.